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Description: Although El Pilar is under the management category of a farm, it is dedicated more to conservation activities than production, with the exception of a small area of organic coffee. El Pilar also provides water to the nearby communities, and you will find there Cloud and Mountain Forest, with a large diversity of birds. An additional attribute is the nine hummingbird feeders, which make it possible to see as many as seven different species feeding at the same time.
Services: Lodging in rustic cabins that are available for monthly rentals (you should make reservations and check availability)
Access: Go on the road towards Antigua Guatemala (CA-1, CA-2) and as you reach Antigua, take a left just as you pass Hotel Santo Domingo. This road will take you to Iglesia del Calvario (El Calvario Church) and after that you will find a road that goes to the Santa María de Jesús community; once you reach a sign that reads INVAL, turn left driving 0.9 mile until you reach El Pilar. In the entrance you will find a sign that says Paraíso Azul or Pedrera El Pilar.

Tourist facilities: Finca El Pilar has one of the best trails for birdwatching, with an easy access all the way through. You can also drive by car to reach the high areas of the farm; the hummingbird feeders are located at the beginning of the trail in the lower part.

Fees and schedule:
You must make reservations to access this Finca. There is a fee of $5 per person for visit the hummingbird feeders, and $10 per person to visit the rest of the trails. It is open daily from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and with prior reservation you can request possible time outside the regular hours.

Other features: The temple of San Cristóbal El Bajo has recently been restored and it is situated at the entrance of El Pilar. It is also very close to Antigua, where you can visit all the facilities and tourist attractions that Antigua offers.

Telephone: (502) 5890 8719;


Some Species: Rufous Sabrewing, Violet Sabrewing, Magnificent Hummingbird, White-eared Hummingbird, Blue-tailed Hummingbird, Azure-crowned Hummingbird, Blue-throated Motmot, Emerald Toucanet, Bushy-crested Jay, Black-capped Swallow, Gray Silky-flycatcher, Hooded Grosbeak, Rufous-collared Robin, Rufous-collared Sparrow,

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