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3. Eastern - Caribbean Route


This corresponds to the eastern Caribbean slope, including the departments of:
1. Izabal,
2. Zacapa,
3. Jalapa,
4. Chiquimula
5. El Progreso.

There are nine destinations in this route located in the hot lowlands, and some of them are arid areas like Guaytan, El Jícaro and El Tule. We recommend you visit this destination wearing light clothing and a hat, and carry fresh water and insect repellent; a rain jacket may also be important if you plan visit Cerro San Gil and Bocas del Polochic.

©Photo: Ronny Mejía
Chocon Machacas Hacienda Tijax Bocas del Polochic Quirigua Guaytan El Astillero lo de China El Tule Cerro San Gil Punta de Manabique

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