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2. Pacific Coast Route


This route covers the Pacific Coast of Guatemala from the border with Mexico to El Salvador, including the mountains that border the volcanic area towards the Pacific, including the departments of 1. Jalapa, 2. Santa Rosa, 3. Escuintla, 4. Suchitepéquez, 5. Retalhuleu, 6. San Marcos and the lower parts of Quetzaltenango.

There are eight destinations described in this route, and most of them are located in the lowlands with a warm climate, while some destinations are located in the elevated areas of the volcanoes, where you may encounter a bit of cold weather and occasional rains. The destinations located in the warm lowland areas are: Monterrico, Sipacate-Naranjo, Takalik Abaj, Patrocinio and Manchón Guamuchal, so we recommend light clothing (but bring a rain jacket during the rainy season), a hat and insect repellent.

The other destinations are located in higher lands with colder weather, such as Tarrales, so bring light clothing, but also be prepared for the cold in the highland areas surrounding the volcanoes. A similar case occurs in Finca Los Andes, so be prepared for the cold nights.



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