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  nature reserve | Chocón Machacas Protected Biotope  







© Photo on the right CONAP photo stock. On the left: Ronny Mejía

Description: Part of the Chocón Machacas Biotope is located inside the limits of Río Dulce National Park; however the Biotope is an independent protected area of 15410 acres and forms part of the complex aquatic system that it is shared with Río Dulce National Park. There are two main rivers: Río Chocón at the central part, and Río Ciénaga, which serves as a natural border in the western part. The Tropical Rain Forest located in the Chocón Machacas Biotope, where you can observe a rich avifauna, is well-preserved due to the conservation efforts.

Access: Driving from Guatemala City on the Atlantic Highway (CA-9), continue until you reach the community of La Ruidosa (Km144). From there take Highway CA-13 until you reach the bridge over Río Dulce´s bridge. On the other side of the bridge you must take a boat to travel to the Biotopo, which is located 13.6 miles from the bridge to Livingston. There are boats for rent at Río Dulce; be sure to reserve a boat for your way back.

Services: Lodging at the scientific center in the Biotopo (reservations required); there is also a museum, a tourist center, and typical craft market and community tourism. The community of Lagunitas-Salvador offers accommodations and food services. More services are offered at Río Dulce and Livingston, where you will find a great variety of restaurants and accommodations.


Some species: Great Tinamou, King Vulture, Orange-breasted Falcon, Pale-vented Pigeon, White-collared Manakin, Gray-headed Tanager, Olive-backed Euphonia.



Tourist facilities: Marked pedestrian trails inside the forest, boat rides and observation post areas.
Fees and schedules: $1 per person for Guatemalan and Central American residents, $3 per person for foreigners.

Other features: aquatic trails inside the Chocón Machacas Biotope to observe the manatee, travelling in Río Dulce National Park, Río Tatín and Lake Izabal. You can also visit Livingston, where you will encounter the fascinating Garífuna culture.

Contact: Administrated by Centro de Estudios Conservacionistas (CECON, The Center for Conservation Studies). Telephones: (502) 2331 0904, 2334 6064, 2361 5450;

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