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Description: Cerro San Gil is one of the most important areas of the humid tropical forest in the Caribbean slope of Guatemala. Located in an altitudinal range from sea level to 4157 feet above sea level, Cerro San Gil covers an extension of almost 74130 acres; the Reserve provides water services to the nearby communities. Because of its extension and characteristics it is advisable to have at least two days planned for your visit. Since it has a highly variable altitude, it is possible to encounter an extensive biodiversity, making it the destination with the highest number of bird species recorded in the country.

Access: Chandler Robbins Biological Station: driving through the Atlantic highway (CA-9) until Km244, turn to Rio Dulce by CA-13 highway until you will find the sign of INGUAT on Km262, where you must turn to the right towards the Reserve’s Nucleus Area, driving nearly thirty minutes (on this trail you will need a 4X4 vehicle to be able to get to the Biological Center, ask at FUNDAECO about the condition of the trail). Recreational zone: driving through the Atlantic highway (CA-9) turn to Puerto Barrios and drive towards Santo Tomás de Castilla, once you get there look for the community of Las Escobas (you do not need a 4X4 vehicle).

Services: Lodging and food services in the Biological Center of the Private Reserve of Cerro San Gil (reservations required). It offers also local guides, camping and restrooms. You can check also other services offered around Río Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomás and Puerto Barrios.

Fees and schedule: Entrance fee for Mirador Las Torres/Sendero Las Escobas is US$ 1.50 per person for Guatemalan residents and US$ 8 per person for foreigners.Entrance fee for the Biological Center US$ 1.50 per person for Guatemalan residents and US$5 person for foreigners. It is advisable to verify entrance fees and schedules with FUNDAECO.


Some species: Chestnut-bellied Heron, Crested eagle, Sunbittern, Green-throated Mountain Gem, Tody Motmot, Keel-billed Motmot, Scaled Antpitta, Slate-colored Solitaire, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-throated Shrike Tanager, Shining Honeycreeper, White-vented Euphonia.

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Tourist facilities: The trails are moderately difficult and there are also observation towers, although some of them aren’t in good conditions.

Other features: Mirador Las Torres/Sendero Las Escobas: Las Escobas River has a crystalline beauty. The flora and fauna diversity of the region makes this a unique and unforgettable destination. It is also close to other birdwatching areas such as Río Dulce, Livingston and the protected area of Punta de Manabique; you can also enjoy the Caribbean beaches of Guatemala.

Contact: Fundación para el Ecodesarollo y Conservación (FUNDAECO, Eco-development and conservation Foundation). Phone number: (502) 2369 0298, 2369 0231,;

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