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Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala 2008

(Available in english and spanish)
This checklist presents the most recent information of more than 720 bird species of Guatemala. Published by the National Bird Watching Roundtable with the purpose to provide the visitor information about each specie: their habitat, their unique characteristics and if it is in danger of extinction. It's designed so the visitor can write comments and observations. Contains a map to guide on the location of the species and photos of the most important species in the country.

Q 40.00 (contribution)


Librería Sophos Plaza Fontabella, Local 1D 2º Nivel, 4ª avenida 12-59 zona 10 Guatemala 2419-7070

Vista Hermosa Bookshop 2 calle 18-50 zona 15 V.H. 2 Guatemala 2369-1003, 2365-8644

Librería El Pensativo Calle del Arco No. 29 Antigua Guatemala

Fundación para la Conservación en Guatemala - FCG 17 avenida "D" 0-19 zona 15, Colonia El Maestro 01015 2365-8985

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