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Description: Located in the southern part of Laguna del Tigre National Park, beside the rivers Saclúc and San Pedro, it is a special locality for researchers, naturalists, birdwatchers and students. The ecosystems of the park include an extensive wetland complex, and the last areas where the Central Maya Jungle can be found. The Biological Station promotes the investigation of the biodiversity of the area; more than 300 bird species has been identified in this place.

Services: Lodging and restaurant (options for vegetarians). It is recommended that you make reservations and contact Las Guacamayas Biological Station for prices, tours and availability.

Access: From the city of Flores (Petén) drive 46.6 miles to the Keqchí community of Paso Caballos, situated on a dirt road (you will need a 4X4 vehicle). Once you reach the community, you have to rent a boat that will take you on the San Pedro River (15 to 20 minutes ride). PROPETÉN and tour operators offer transportation from Flores to the Station and back.

Tourist facilities: Observation towers, terrestrial and aquatic trails near the San Pedro River.
Fees and schedule: Contact the Biological Station for fees and schedules.

Other features: Visits to San Pedro River and El Perú Archaeological Park. You can also take a nocturnal tour to watch crocodiles and nocturnal animals.

Contact: PROPETÉN Foundation, Flores, Petén Telephone: (502) 7867 5296;,;


Algunas especies: Ocellated Turkey; Bat Falcon; Scarlet Macaw; Black-and-White Owl; Ornate Hawk-Eagle; Lovely Cotinga; Rose-throated Tanager; Green-Backed Sparrow.


| Yucatan Flycatcher 
(Myiarchus yucatanensis)

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