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Bird Watching Guatemala (Available in Spanish & english)
Printed version of this guide in a convenient and easy to carry edition. It was designed with the main idea of promoting bird watching tourism in our country. As a visitor you will find an explanation of the different Guatemalan biomes or life zones that will take you through strategic routes. In the hope that you will have a great experience while observing birds in Guatemala, you will find a description of 42 destinations, the tourist facilities, the basic services offered and illustrations of some emblematic and endemic birds of the northern Central American Region. This publication also includes a pocket size map that shows some biogeographical characteristics as well as the directions that you must follow to reach the desired destination.
Q 100.00 (contribution)


Librería Sophos Plaza Fontabella, Local 1D 2º Nivel, 4ª avenida 12-59 zona 10 Guatemala 2419-7070

Vista Hermosa Bookshop 2 calle 18-50 zona 15 V.H. 2 Guatemala 2369-1003, 2365-8644

Librería El Pensativo Calle del Arco No. 29 Antigua Guatemala

Fundación para la Conservación en Guatemala - FCG 17 avenida "D" 0-19 zona 15, Colonia El Maestro 01015 2365-8985

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