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  | Los Ranchitos del Quetzal Gucumatz Reserve  



© Photo: Verapaces forest. Max Noack  

Description: This place is simply known as Los Ranchitos, being famous because it is almost impossible to miss seeing the Resplendent Quetzal. It is located beside the Biotopo Mario Dary for the Conservation of the Quetzal in its buffer zone; the reserve promotes the conservation of the Quetzal´s habitat and is also a member of the Cloud Forest Biological Corridor Association. You can walk on the trails and beside the rivers and waterfalls inside the forest while you watch the birds typical of this biome.

Services: Lodging (consult fees; it’s better if you make reservations), restaurant (not included in the lodging price). If you visit the trails early in the morning you will receive a courtesy gift of coffee or tea.

Access: Is the same access described in the Mario Dary Biotope (CA-9 Highway until Km85, then take the road to Cobán until you reach Km160.5); once you pass the entrance of the Biotope, approximately 0.18 miles on your left you will find the entrance to Los Ranchitos.

Tourist facilities: Five miles of trails not well structured but easy to walk. During the rainy season the floor can get a bit slippery, and the trails can get somewhat difficult, because of the vegetation.

Fees and schedule:
Use of trails for Guatemalan residents US$ 1.50 per person, and US$ 3.00 per person for foreigners. Opened daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, but you can enter earlier if you make contact ahead of time.

Other features: Close the Mario Dary Biotope, and near other birdwatching destinations in the Verapaces route.

Contact: Telephones: (502) 5368 6397, 5554 2566;

Some species: Highland Guan, Violet Sabrewing, Resplendent Quetzal, Bushy-crested Jay, Hooded Jay, Black-throated Jay, Black Robin, Chestnut-headed Oropendola.


| Resplendent Quetzal
(Pharomachros mocinno mocinno)

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