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Description: Ixpanpajul is an ecotourism and adventure park, under the administration of people interested in conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Around 1850, very near the present location of the park, there was a community named Ixpanpajul; they named the area after a typical secondary growth plant of the region, the Ixpanpajul or Ixpanol (Parathesis cubana) and the park inherited the name. With 111 acres and a wide biodiversity, there are more than 200 tree species, 160 species of birds and around 40 species of mammals identified.

Services: Lodging, restaurant, camping, visitors´ center, educational area, canopy and hanging bridges (“Sky Way”) over the forest. It is recommended to previously reserve.
Access: From Guatemala City take the CA-9 Highway and then the CA-13 to Flores, Petén. Ixpanpajul is situated at Km468 towards the left of the highway before Flores. You can also take a plane from La Aurora International Airport to Mundo Maya International Airport which is only ten minutes away from the park. If you are already in Flores, take the highway to Guatemala City and take a right 3.1 miles after the junction to Guatemala City.

Tourist facilities: Several trails inside the park, sightseeing posts for birdwatching, and hanging bridges over the canopy.

Fees and schedule:
Entrance fee are the same for nationals and foreigners, but vary depending on the planned activities (check their website). Ask for special prices for students. The park is open every day from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Other features: Archaeological parks in Petén, such as Tikal National Park and Yaxhá Nakum Naranjo; it is also close to El Remate and on the way to Belize.

Contact: Telephone in Guatemala City:
(502) 2336 0576; in Petén: (502) 7863 1317;


Some species: Ornate Hawk-eagle, Great Curassow, Blue-ground Dove, Wedge-tailed Sabrewing, White-collared Manakin, White-bellied Wren, Rose-throated Tanager.

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| Rose-throated Tanager 
(Piranga roseogularis)

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